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I love teaching and am especially devoted to making my students better writers. I believe good writing is the best skill students can take with them from college. Take a look at my online writing guide for students.


Courses I’ve designed and taught (and a few syllabi):

Ball State:

The West in the World (Fall 2015: Syllabus;  Spring 2015:  Syllabus)

History of the Middle East (Fall 2015 (new format, completely redesigned):  Syllabus;  Fall 2014: Syllabus)

The United States and the Middle East (Syllabus)

The Arab-Israeli Conflict (Syllabus)


Modern Turkey (Syllabus)

Jews of Arab Lands (Syllabus)

Israeli Society and Politics (Syllabus)

Migration in the Muslim World (a freshman seminar) (Syllabus)

The Ottoman Empire and Early Modern Europe (a junior/senior seminar) (Syllabus + weekly research assignments, without the accompanying primary texts)

Sephardic Jews in the Diaspora & Israel (Syllabus)


Turkey:  From Empire to Republic (syllabus) (and slightly modified as “The Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey”)

Mideast Jews in Modern Times (syllabus)

Contemporary Israeli Society and Politics (syllabus)

Charity in Judaism,  Christianity,  and Islam (a thematic course that covered Middle East and European history) (syllabus)

The Arab-Israeli Conflict (taught twice,  in spring 2011 as a Presidential Dream Course,  which included 6 guest speakers) (syllabus)

See also the website of my Arab-Israeli Conflict course


Introduction to the Middle East (a survey course that explored the history of the region from the rise of Islam to the present day).